Happy Easter Day Motivational

Let’s Feel The Jesus and Celebrate The Easter Day

Easter Day 2020 Images, Pictures, and Quotes

Easter Holiday: In our Gregorian calendar a month came which reminds us that there is someone who cares for us, who died for us, who protect us from our sins so that we can get heaven. Yes, I am talking about the April Month. This month comes with lots of well-wishing, blessings, and love. It is considered that the April word comes from the Latin word, which means “to open” and explain the opening of trees in springtime.

Another thought about this month is that April’s name comes from the Greek Goddess, whose name is Aphrodite. And have you guess about whom I am Talking and which day is dedicated to that person, if not then stay and read the whole blog if you want to know about him.

Easter Day or Easter is that day which is celebrated every year. Easter date does not come on the same day of the year; it is a movable feast. That’s why all Christian churches decide that they celebrate Easter day on Sunday after 21st march whenever full moon comes. Well, Western Churches celebrate this day according to the Gregorian calendar while Eastern Churches go with Julian calendar.

Easter Day 2020 Quotes
Easter Day 2020 Poster
Happy Easter Day Cards
Happy Easter Day 2020 Quotes

When is Easter this Day

According to the April 2020 Calendarit will be celebrated on 12 April 2020

What is Easter?

Easter called Pascha or Resurrection Day. Christians celebrate the holiest day in various parts of the world in a different way. This day is observed for reminding the reasons behind his Sacrifices and death. It also celebrates for showing our love and respect for him.

Why celebrate Easter?

Now I disclose the name, about whom I am talking, he is Jesus Christ. In the present time, the country called Israel, around 2000 years ago, it was called Jerusalem, where Jesus takes its last breath. According to the bible, the government of that time found problems in the expansion of their empire, and Jesus claimed that he was the son of god.

So some people of that government crucified Jesus, that day is remembered as Good Friday. After that three days when Mary Magdalene and some ladies go into the cave where Jesus’s tomb was placed, they saw there is nobody present there, the Jesus risen. And that day is celebrated as Easter Day or Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter Day Motivational
Happy Easter Day Motivational
Happy Easter Day Quotes
Happy Easter Day Quotes

Est time is celebrated in Spain, Germany, the USA, Italy, and many other countries interestingly. On this day, Churches are filled with flowers. In every church, the people use a candle to remember that Jesus is live and see all of us. Easter Eggs play is a significant role in this day; people decorate eggs with colors and give as a gift to others.

It symbolizes the empty tomb of Jesus Christ from where Jesus rises. This day is also incomplete with the lent because most of the people break their fast with Lent. It is the tradition of England people that they eat hot cross buns and roll down the colorful eggs from the great height. In many shopping malls and showrooms offering children with their parents as Easter Bunny.

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